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Euromec van C1965As a break from the modern, hi-tech machines that we are always talking about thought we could look at some of the more established machinery we have! As a company we have an unusually large proportion of petrol heads with some splendid cars, bikes and toys. This post will give you a taster.

Morris Minor Van

This immaculate “Moggy” van is one example. Lovingly restored by us in our workshops this van has been re-built from the ground-up. Sign written with the legend “Euromec – Mechanical Sweeping Machines!” it was originally registered in 1967. Over 50 years old it starts on the button, if not there is the cranking handle option, see the hole in the front bumper!

Paris Dakar Anyone?

Paris Dakar rally

Few years back we got involved with Patsy Quick a very brave lady that competed in the Paris Dakar on a KTM motorcycle. Part of the KTM works team from memory, she was at that time the only British woman taking part. No surprise there as it was the toughest off-road event by a long way. Her bike featured the most remarkable suspension travel you have ever seen! Side effect of this was that she couldn’t reach the floor when sitting on the bike – amazing. The memory of her blasting it around the roads of our industrial estate still bring a smile to the face.

And There’s More!

More to follow on this topic. We still have E-Type Jaguars, Bentleys and various motorcycles to wax lyrically about! Send us a comment if this interests you.