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Car Park Cleaners

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Car Park Cleaners

Car park cleaning is an important yet under appreciated service. Being large flat areas or multi-storey structures, car parks present their own unique challenges. We have a range of ride-on car park sweepers and scrubber dryers that make short work of the job.

Car Park Cleaning

Cleaning is an essential part of a car park's maintenance. Apart from the aesthetic value of the floor being clean, removing oil and fluid deposits left by vehicles reduces damage to the floors' surface and therefore repairs. A scrubber dryer like our ride-on Tera is great at deep cleaning a car park floor, it collects its waste water as it goes meaning a clean and dry surface instantly.

Car Park Sweeping

Surface car parks of the type found in retail parks or airports are open to the elements so often require no more than sweeping to remove dirt, debris and litter. Our Boxer ride-on sweeper is a popular choice for this application. Big and powerful it can sweep large areas quickly and efficiently. Petrol, diesel or electric motors provide the power and having a sweeping width of up to 1900mm it is very efficient. A large 240 litre capacity hopper with hydraulic emptying minimises the number of trips to empty so you spend more time sweeping. It can even be fitted with a cab to protect the operator from inclement weather.

Fast Food Litter and Chewing Gum

Car parks like most retail areas have problems with fast food litter and chewing gum. However, all our sweepers have litter gates which can be raised to allow the sweeper to collect even the bulkiest food container. Chewing gum can be removed using a specific attachment for our scrubber dryers so both these problem areas are covered. As you would expect our sweepers make short work of general litter, leaves and paper.

Staining and Spillages

All motor vehicles drop fluids, some will evaporate while others are absorbed by the floor. This leads to staining and slip hazards. Scrubber dryers are great at dealing with this. Add specific detergents to the cleaning fluid in the scrubber dryer and you can remove almost any stain and deep clean the floor. Adjustable cleaning head pressure means you can make many passes without damaging the surface of the floor. Even tyre marks can be removed if so desired.

Not Vacuum Sweepers

Our sweepers have fans and filters but do not use these to produce a vacuum but to manage airflow. Air flows from the front of the sweeper, being sucked in from the area around the front or side brushes, then passes over the main brush and out to the atmosphere via the dust filters. This means any dust raised by the sweeping process is controlled and contained.

We produce over thirty different floor sweepers and scrubber dryers divided between walk-behind and ride-on machines.

To choose the right model for your application the size of your cleaning task will dictate the size of the machine you need.

Alternatively contact us and we will advise you of the best machine for your application, put it on a transporter and show you how it will clean your premises!

car park being cleaned by our tera scrubber dryer
A car park being cleaned by our Tera scrubber dryer. This is a multi-storey car park where the all wheel drive of this machine makes it exceptionally safe, particularly on the car park's ramps.
Boxer sweeper working on roadway at Fort shopping park
This is a Boxer sweeper working in the car parks and roadways of the Fort shopping park in Birmingham. Notice the optional cab protecting the driver in typical British weather.
cut-away drawing of a hard floor sweeper showing how major components are arranged
This drawing shows how the major components of a ride-on car park sweeper are arranged. Notice how the air, illustrated by the purple arrow, is directed around and over the brushes collecting any dust that is raised. 1. Side Brush 2. Airflow 3. Main Brush 4. Rear Hopper 5. Air Filters 6. Fan 7. Filter Shaker 8. Front Dust Shroud
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