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Euromec, the leading UK supplier of industrial cleaning and ground maintenance equipment, has secured a major new order after helping one of the UK’s largest independently owned commercial vehicle workshop operators ensure its premises remain clean and safe.

Based in the East of England, TruckEast is an established Scania dealer employs 380 people and supports a wide customer base from a network of 13 locations, across seven counties – Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex, Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire. It provides service and specialist aftersales support for all makes of HGV, passenger vehicles, vans and all types of agricultural and industrial vehicles.

The company has high standards to maintain and ensuring it presents a clean working environment is equally as important for both its employees and customers alike.

The servicing and repair of commercial vehicles means the TruckEast workshops do not stay clean for long. Work areas, especially the bays where maintenance is completed get dirty, very quickly. This creates a continuous battle to keep premises clean and tidy, not just to deliver the right impression to customers, but also to protect the wellbeing of staff.

With each depot in the dealership having at least four work bays, keeping the premises clean throughout the working day is not easy. Owing to the nature of the vehicles being worked on, the bays are larger than a normal garage, adding to the cleaning challenge. Any delay in preparing a bay for a fresh job can heap pressure on work schedules.

What the company needed was a fast, efficient, easy-to-use cleaning solution that enabled it to prepare work areas in a minimum amount of time so that work schedules were not disrupted.

As a longstanding customer of Euromec, TruckEast was already using its scrubber dryers and had taken a Byte II machine on test to assess its ability to meet its stringent requirements.

The Byte II is a professional scrubber-dryer designed to clean medium-to-large surface areas in a fast and efficient way. The 24v battery-powered machine is available in two versions, the single-disc brush 531, with a cleaning width of 530mm and the larger 612, with twin-disc brushes and a cleaning width of 610mm. Each has a 45-litre solution tank and a 48-litre recovery tank.

The basic 531 has the capacity to clean areas at a rate of 1590m²/h, while the largest machine in the range, the Byte II 612T can clean at a rate of 2745m²/h. Dependent on use, each machine can operate up to four hours on a single charge, while each model features an on-board battery charger.

The superior functionality of the machines is assisted by the Go Green mode, which reduces the consumption of energy, water and cleaning solution helping to improve running time and keep operating costs low. Work areas can be brought back into use much faster as the machine dries the wet areas as it goes along, leaving floors safe and dry.

The quiet electric motor reduces noise disturbance, enabling it to be used in busy areas with minimal disruption. Maintenance costs are kept low due to the rugged build quality, while the easy-to-operate, one-touch controls mean operators require little training in the use of the machines.

The machine performed well in trials, prompting TruckEast to invest in a fleet of twelve of the scrubber dryers. These machines have been pressed into service across the company’s network of sites.

Martyn Clipston, Group Aftersales Director, TruckEast said: “It’s a demanding business servicing and maintaining HGVs so we needed a cleaning solution that was up to the task. TruckEast has a strong reputation to uphold and so being able to present a clean working environment at all times is good, both for our customers and our staff.

“We have been delighted with the way the machines have performed; one use and the bays are clean and ready for use again, saving us time and money. We are also pleased with the positive nature of our relationship with Euromec. They were quick to recognise our needs and offered us an effective solution that is benefiting our business.”

Nikki Heighton, Director, Euromec said: “TruckEast are a great company to work with and we are delighted that the Byte II is helping them achieve their operational requirements. The strong and trusted relationship we have developed with them is a testament to the partnership approach Euromec looks to develop. We look forward to working with them again in the future.

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