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Our brush cutter in use

Brush Cutters At A Glance:


Four - 26" to 34" decks


Briggs and Stratton Motors

Mowing Capability:

8' high weeds, 3" thick saplings


3 forward gears plus reverse



brush-cutter  in use thumbnail
brush-cutter  in use thumbnail
brush-cutter  in use thumbnail
brush-cutter  in use thumbnail

Detailed Specification:

F & B Cutters

Field and Brush Cutters

Our field and brush mowers deliver tough, brush-busting performance for many years, even in the most demanding situations. Built to the highest standards these machines have mulching decks that cut and re-cut material so there's no raking or collection of cut material.

  • Read More About Our Field and Brush Cutters:

    Off Lawn Mowing

    Spend a few moments behind one of our field and brush mowers and you'll understand why weeds and brush don't stand a chance. Purpose built for off-lawn mowing, these powerful machines charge through tough saplings, six-foot tall field grass, dense growth and brush like nothing you've ever seen.

    Go Where Tractors Can't

    Turn a neglected field into a beautiful meadow. Make walking trails through woodland. Clear underbrush from a wood-choked forest. Our field and brush mowers go where tractors and brush decks can't, and cost a fraction of the price.

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