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Powerflex snow plough in use
Snow Plough At A Glance:

Clearing Width:

1350mm or 1400mm

Can be used with:

2150, 2250 and 3400 chassis


Dozer blade and V blade


Hydraulic from cab



Detailed Specification:

Snow Plough

Snow Plough Attachment

Snow ploughs clear snow and ice quickly and efficiently. The snow plough attachment for our Powerflex multipurpose maintenance machine gives you a powerful snow clearer during the winter months. Add snow chains to the four wheels and its go-anywhere four wheel drive chassis will enable you to clear snow from roadways, paths and car parks.

Snow Ploughs Clear - Gritters Grit

Use the snow plough to clear the snow, add a gritter attachment to the rear and you make sure the surface is safe by spreading grit or salt as you plough. Quick and effective snow clearance, safe roads and pathways, simple.


The plough blade can be configured to push snow away - very useful in car parks, markets, enclosed courtyards and other locations where snow needs to be gathered in one place. Soft ground? No problem, the snow plough blade always follows the terrain, whether soft, hard or uneven.

Great Weight Distribution

Four wide tyres which distribute the machines weight widely allows the snow plough blade to clear gravel paths, as it doesn't dig into the gravel. The snow plough blade height can also be adjusted to cater for uneven pavements and low curbs.

Dual Efficiency

The combination of the snow plough blade at the front and the salt and sand spreader at the back of the basic machine means that snow clearing and salting are completed in a single pass on snow up to 50 cm thick and 1.3 to 1.4 metres wide. As well as being extremely efficient, the snow plough attachment is also very quiet and easy to use.

Powerflex snow plough in use
This 3400 has the V-Blade snow plough attachment fitted, making clearing snow easy and efficient. In this configuration it can clear deep snow quickly as it pushes it to bothsides of the machine.
Powerflex snow plough in use
This 2150 is fitted with the Dozer-Blade snow plough attachment. Pushing snow off to one-side clears paths quickly. It can push snow to the left or the right.
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