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Salt and grit spreader working its magic in the snow

Spreader At A Glance:

Spreading Width:

1200mm to 5 metres

Can be used with:

2150, 2250 and 3400 chassis*


Rotating disc or drop


On/off from cab

*see technical specification for more detail


Detailed Specification:


Spreader Attachments

The grit, sand or salt spreader attachment is the perfect companion to either the snow plough or snow brush attachments. While clearing snow with either the plough or the brush the spreader applies an even layer of salt or grit to the cleared area helping to keep it clear and free of ice, and making it safer for pedestrians.

Disc Spreader

The disc spreader attachment will spread grit or sand evenly over a distance of between 1 and 5 metres. It is ideal for car parks and roadways. A 90 litre hopper provides plenty of storage for the grit and enables the machine to work for long periods without refilling. Teamed with the snow plough or snow brush attachment this spreader will clear and treat vast areas in a single shift.

Drop Spreader

Ideal for pathways the drop spreader produces 1.2 metre wide spread of grit to treat the area cleared by the snow brush or plough. As the grit is just dropped onto the surface and not scattered grit usage is low, and surrounding areas not affected.

Fast and Easy to Use

As with all Powerflex machines the operator has tremendous visibility, making sweeping and manoeuvring easy. The easy to understand controls are ergonomically arranged and the operator benefits from a warm cosy cab.

Snow sweeper working outside sports stadium
The drop spreader produces a well gritted path with no spread of the grit outside of the width of the machine, as shown here.
Close-up of disc spreader
The disc spreader spreads grit over a width of between 1 and 5 metres making it ideal for roadways and car parks. In combination with a snow brush or plough vast areas can be cleared and treated very quickly.
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