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2260 Street Sweeper

The suction sweeper is one of the most indispensable attachments designed for the 2260. The utility machine owes its all-year-round capability to this attachment. In spring the operator can clean grit and grime, left over from the winter, from streets and paths. In the autumn it takes care of the wind-blown leaves and dirt. In summer it keeps outdoor areas neat and tidy. The suction sweeper is effective everywhere – on paths and pavements, verges, driveways, outdoor and indoor parking areas, etc. The suction sweeper can reach almost any nook or cranny

Sweeping Width: 1200mm to 2100mm
Motor: Kubota Petrol WG-972-G-E4
Hopper: 500 litres with hydraulic emptying
Drive: Hydrostatic to all four wheels

Additional information

Cleaning Width

1200mm to 2100mm depending on number of brushes

Side Brushes

2 standard, option +1 or +2

Hopper Capacity

500 litres

Hopper Emptying



Kubota Petrol WG-972-G-E4




0 to 20kph


Water cooled


12volt 65amp


Hydrostatic drive to all four wheels

Turning Radius

1.6 metres


3400mm(l)x 2100mm(w) x 1960mm(h) (fitted with 2 side brushes)



Sweeping Brushes

The suction sweeper is equipped with 2-4 brushes – the two front brushes are standard and the two side-brushes are optional extras. Each brush is equipped with a water sprayer to prevent dust spreading while the unit is working. The front brushes are height-adjustable via a nose wheel. A vacuum nozzle behind the brushes draws dirt and rubbish into a central vacuum hose under the machine. The polycast nozzle is exceptionally good at collecting discarded cans when the brushes draw them in. A cylindrical brush in the nozzle guides the rubbish up into the vacuum hose. The speed of the front brushes can be adjusted (variably adjustable reduction of rotation). Clearing width is 1.20-2.10 m, depending on the number of brushes.

Hydraulic side-brushes

The optional side-brushes can be fitted or removed very quickly. They are parallel-controlled and always in the brushing position. The two side brushes can be angled to sweep deep gutters and are individually height-adjustable, so the operator can in fact sweep at two different heights at the same time – especially practical with kerbs. Four brushes make the machine extremely efficient for sweeping litter over large areas. The side brushes can be positioned in front of the front brushes for efficient sweeping in corners.

The vacuum hose

The five metre long external vacuum hose is always ready to vacuum. When not in use, it is discreetly fitted on top of the container. The vacuum hose increases the versatility of the Suction Sweeper because it vacuums in places the Suction Sweeper otherwise couldn’t reach. The external vacuum hose is also useful for tackling steps.

Dust is trapped in water

Each brush has its own water sprayer. The water container (100 l) is connected to the hopper, which is equipped with a unique self-cleaning rotary filter.The filter binds dust to the water, preventing it from blowing out of the sides of the hopper.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Parts that need to be maintained are easily-accessible. The unit is easy to clean, including the filters. The hopper does not need to be detached when cleaning. Hoses and cables are hidden and well-protected.