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3070 Street Sweeper

A high-end compact utility machine for all-day maintenance of large outdoor areas

The new City Ranger 3070 sets new standards in this machine class in many areas: multifunctional use, Quick-shift, manoeuvrability, operator comfort and environmental considerations, just to mention some.


High flexibility and manoeuvrability – allows for multifunctional use and access to all areas

An innovative multifunctional machine

Thanks to the unique Quick-shift, attachment changes can be made in just one minute. Simply pick-up the front attachment with the machine, turn the handle and all mechanical, hydraulic, water and electrical systems are connected and ready to go. It couldn’t be easier!

You can, therefore, easily use the machine for different tasks during the day without wasting time on attachment changes in the workshop. And we all know: time is money.

Access to all areas

With the powerful articulation, the City Ranger 3070 has an incredibly small inside turning circle of only 1650 mm allowing operators to access confined spaces and to operate close to obstacles. Also with the basic machine weighing only 1800 kg, ground pressure is low enough to be used on sensitive surfaces like lawns and pavements.

A good working environment

Operating a machine for many hours a day can be demanding on the operator. Therefore, we have focused on ensuring optimum operator comfort. Factors such as a multi-adjustable working position, low cabin noise – only 69 dB(A), a unique ventilation system with A/C as standard and a 360 degree view of the work area are just some of the features contributing to a good working environment.

Environmentally friendly and powerful machine

The 67 HP strong diesel engine has low fuel consumption and emission rates meeting green zone requirements in cities. Another important factor, when considering the environment the machine operates in, is noise. The noise level experienced when the machine passes by you is only 76 dB(A). The ECO mode function, which can be activated in working mode, lowers fuel consumption even further and reduces noise levels. This benefits both your operating costs and the surroundings – making the City Ranger 3070 a perfect match for cities and residential areas.

Save money

Only having to invest in one machine for performing many different outdoor maintenance tasks has many benefits:

  • Low initial investment
  • More yearly working hours = quick return on investment
  • Just one machine = less training for operators
  • Less space needed for storage facilities