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3330 Street Sweeper

One machine. Everything you need. No matter what the season.

The 3330 is the tool carrier developed for professional maintenance of all outdoor areas. You will be able to complete your tasks in any kind of weather conditions, no matter what the season.

The 3330 is usable in all kinds of weather and can function as a snowplow, lawn mower and street sweeper. Our 3330 tool carrier is intended for housing associations, contractors and others who have a daily maintenance of large outdoor areas.


The Powerflex 3330 is designed for driver comfort

The 3330 is designed to be the most comfortable machine on the market, so you can use the tool carrier for several hours a day without suffering any inconvenience. Proper work requires proper working conditions, and thatโ€™s exactly what you get with the best tool carrier on the market.

โ€‹You get an ergonomically well-thought-out workplace where your work experience is paramount. We know that you spend many hours in our machines and therefore it is our goal to give you a comfortable ride.

The Powerflex 3330 offers:โ€‹

  • โ€‹Easy entry and exit of the cabin. Your body is spared unnecessary twists and movements several times a day.
  • The control panel is ergonomically and correctly positioned. You can easily operate the machine’s functions and sit in a comfortable position at the same time. To have full control you must be able to work naturally and comfortably.
  • The cabin is equipped with a comfort seat with a high back and good suspension. The suspension in the machine’s construction and comfort seat will give you the optimal driving experience. The 3330 offers large glass windows so you experience good visibility whilst operating the machine.
  • Finally, the 3330 tool carrier gives you the lowest noise level on the market in its class with approx. 68 dB in the cabin for a particularly good working environment for you.

The environmentally friendly choice

โ€‹The 3330 is part of the solution for a cleaner environment and is designed to be the machine that pollutes as little as possible and at the same time is economical to operate.

The 3330 complies with all EU Stage V emission standards and thus emits fewer NOx gases than its predecessor. The engine is electronically regulated, so that the fuel is utilised optimally. This feature benefits both the environment and the economy, as the fuel consumption of the 3330 is significantly lower than similar machines on the market.

The petrol-powered 33 hp Kubota engine is perfect for getting the most out of the machine. This also applies to demanding tasks such as the sweep/suction system.

Petrol consumption per hour when using the sweeping suction system is only 4.0-5.3 liters of gasoline per. hour.

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