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Byte II Pedestrian Scrubber Dryer

Byte 2 is a professional scrubber-dryer to clean medium-large surfaces in a fast and efficient way. It is available in two versions: single-disc brush 530 mm width and twin-disc brushes 600 mm width. Byte 2 reduces cleaning costs because it is highly efficient.



Simple to Use

Byte 2 is very simple to use: just press one button to start the cleaning operations. The GO GREEN mode reduces the consumption of energy, water and chemicals. Because of its very low noise level, Byte 2 can be used in those places where quiet operation is a must.

Additional information

Cleaning Width

531T: 530mm, 612T: 610mm

Drying Width


Number/Type of Brushes

531T: Single Disc, 612T: Twin Discs

Solution Tank

45 Litres

Recovery Tank

48 Litres


1280 watts


24v 130Ah


531T: Electronic, 612T: Semi-Automatic


531T: 1170 x 555 x 1050mm, 612T: 1170 x 628 x 1050mm


531T: 80kg, 612T: 72.5kg

Eco Friendly

Cleaning mode with reduced environmental impact reduces the energy and water consumption, and noise. It does however increase working time.

Great Performance

Byte 2 uses the minimum quantity of water needed to get an excellent cleaning result. It increases working autonomy and reduces the impact on the environment.

Reduce Costs

The effective design and the construction simplicity means very low maintenance costs

Perfectly Dry Floors

Byte 2 dries the floor perfectly even when turning, leaving it dry and safe.

Easy to Use

Simply pressing one button starts Byte 2 scrubbing and drying floors whilst, at the same time, opens the flow of detergent solution.

Long Runtime

Thanks to its power efficiency Byte 2 can work up to four hours on a single charge.

Easy Emptying

The surfaces of the recovery tank are flat for an easy and complete empty.

Powered Traction

The powered traction version delivers an increased hourly performance. Speed can be adjusted according to the operator’s needs.

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