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Electric Box Van

Comfortable and easy to drive, Electric Box Vans are a great choice for forward thinking businesses.

  • Comfortable and spacious
  • Easy to drive
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No road tax to pay
  • Versatile
  • Low running costs


Built for comfort and convenience, the shutters make the van interior easy to access and the ergonomic design of the cab makes it an extremely comfortable ride.

  • โ€œStop and Goโ€ ideal for city centre applications
  • Regenerative braking
  • LCD dashboard display
  • Excellent cab ergonomics

With generous loading capacity and superb reliability, our range of electric box vans make a great choice for โ€˜stop and goโ€™ short journeys where frequent stops are required.

Eco-friendly, reliable, robust and cost-effective, electric box vans offers versatility for a variety of applications. Perfect for local councils, universities and colleges, and local delivery companies, the electric box van will help your business improve its efficiency and productivity, whilst also saving you on fuel costs.

Delivering up to a 150km range from a full charge, our electric box vans offer an excellent transportation solution. We have box vans, fridge vans and options that include pressure washers and tipping waste collectors so itโ€™s easy to see why our electric box vans are in demand.

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