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Giga Ride-on Scrubber Dryer

The Giga ride-on scrubber dryer is great for cleaning and removing stains from floors large and small. It is a high performance, compact ride-on scrubber dryer that is economical to run and easy to use.



Powerful Ride-On Scrubber Dryer

The Giga is capable of cleaning and drying over 3600 square metres of floor per hour. This makes it ideal for warehouses, supermarkets, shopping centres, airports and showrooms.

  • Giga is a powerful, ride-on scrubber dryer suitable for offices, shops, and factories.
  • Giga features steering wheel mounted controls of all important functions, making the operator’s task easier and safer.
  • A full width squeegee collects the dirty water and a poweful vacuum motor sucks it into the waste water tank for disposal.

Additional information

Cleaning Width

702R: 700mm, 802: 800mm

Drying Width


Number/Type of Brushes

Twin Rollers

Solution Tank

120 Litres

Recovery Tank

130 Litres


702R: 1900w, 802: 1660w


1 x 24v 270Ah


Electronic Rear Wheels


702R: 1503 x 810 x 1400mm, 802: 1503 x 844 x 1400mm


702R: 259kg, 802: 258kg

Quiet and Safe

Being a compact ride-on scrubber dryer the Giga is perfect for cleaning areas with restricted access and manoeuvring space. It’s quiet so will not disturb members of the public as it cleans. It leaves the floor perfectly dry after it has cleaned so it is safe to use at any time without restricting public access.

Ride-On Scrubber Dryer Brush Options

A scrubber dryer can have a single, twin-disc or roller brush head for cleaning different types of floor. The Giga can be specified with either twin discs or twin rollers.

Effective Floor Cleaning

A ride-on scrubber dryer works by applying water and a detergent to the floor, then scrubbing the wetted surface with strong brushes that loosen the dirt. A squeegee with a strong vacuum then collects the waste water and leaves the floor clean and dry.

Easy Operation

The Giga is very easy to use. It has large water tanks for both the clean and dirty water. These tanks are easy to fill, empty and clean. Simple operator controls are intuitive and control both the rate of delivery of the cleaning solution and the pressure applied by the brushes; this means getting a great cleaning result is straightforward regardless of the state of the floor.

Why Choose the Giga Ride-On Scrubber Dryer?

If you need a rugged and compact ride-on floor scrubber then look no further. This machine will provide many years of efficient and reliable operation. To fully appreciate this machine it needs to be seen in action. Arrange a free demonstration at your place now. Alternatively there are links to pictures, a datasheet and brochure in the more information box, together with a link to a video of the machine working.

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