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Kilo 612 Ride-on Scrubber Dryer

KILO is the smallest “professional-quality” scrubber dryer on the market. Many unique technical advances combine to make this scrubber dryer easy to use, fast and efficient. Due to its compact design Kilo is more manoeuvrable than a walk behind scrubber dryer and being a ride-on machine it is highly productive; the best-of-both-worlds.

Cleaning Width: 600 to 800mm
Solution Tank: 90 litres
Cleaning Head: Single or twin discs or twin rollers
Power: 1800 to 2100 watts


Comfortable and Easy-to-use

At its price point the Kilo is the only ride-on scrubber dryer with an ergonomic seat. This makes the operator comfortable reducing fatigue and accidents. The controls are easy to reach and understand. As a first we have positioned all the controls on the steering wheel and included a one-touch button that starts the scrubbing and suction systems simultaneously.

Floor Cleaning Performance

Kilo cleans and dries floors exceptionally well. A central brush, with a sprinkler system providing the cleaning solution, lifts the dirt off the floor and a swinging, semi-circular squeegee collects the dirty water. Being positioned around the brush the squeegee dries the floor very effectively even in turns.

Operating Efficiency

The innovative sprinkling system is very efficient and saves water and detergent when compared to other less accurate methods. Combine this with its speed sensitive control that matches delivery volume to machine speed and your cleaning solution lasts longer. This means less stops to refill the machine, more time cleaning.

Friendly to its Environment

Apart from being very efficient and using less cleaning solution, Kilo is also easy on its operating environment. Its suction system is damped and quietened by a filter system. This means exhausted air is clean and dust-free and noise is reduced substantially.

Why Choose a Kilo Floor Scrubber

Kilo is a modern and technologically advanced floor cleaning machine. Using many innovations to increase cleaning performance and reduce the impact of cleaning means this machine produces an outstanding performance at a great price. Contact us today to see this machine in action at your factory.

Wash, dry and sanitise at the same time!

Fitting one of our ride-on scrubber dryers with an optional sanitising kit means you can clean and sanitise work areas daily. Fast and economical, this disinfecting operation will help keep your work environment safe.

The optional tank contains the sanitising chemical which is sprayed on to the floor after it has been washed and dried. Doing it this way gives the chemical the right amount of time to kill bacteria and neutralise viruses.

A user-friendly, hand-held wand means that other surfaces that could harbour germs like door handles, work surfaces and vending machines can also be sanitised.

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