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LitterHog Pro

Cleaning with air, today you can do it. Municipalities are faced with ever increasing requirements when it comes to cleaning public areas. The higher standards are in place to improve citizens’ lives, making the city attractive to tourists, guaranteeing people’s safety and well-being, all while preserving resources and reducing environmental impact.


With continuous investments in research, we have decided to accept these challenges by building a 100% electric street vacuum for the collection of urban and industrial waste. The LitterHog Pro is a product that is as unique as its name. Far more efficient than traditional manual cleaning tools, LitterHog Pro allows you to vacuum any type of waste from cigarette butts & water bottles, to dog excrements while being able to reach even the most hidden and difficult corners

Additional information

Vacuum power


Filter cleaning


Working time

> 10h





Total power


On board battery charger

40 A/h

Max battery capacity (Agm)

320 (274)Ah/5

Maximum gradient


Maximum speed

6 Km/h

Steering range

2600 mm

Vacuum hose length

3600 mm

Vacuum hose Ø

120 mm

Hopper capacity



2 n°

Twin front wheels


Filtering surface

14 m²

Filter type

Polyester cartridge

Noise level

68 dB(A)

Machine dimensions (L x l x h)

1835x975x1825 mm

Weight without batteries

325 kg

Getting stuck is not on the agenda.

LitterHog Pro is equipped with four wheels of equal size on both front and rear, making the machine very stable on any type of surface, even uneven or grassy areas. It can also climb up or down sidewalks of 20cm height in total safety, and overcome slopes greater than 20% grade. The LitterHog Pro can get wherever necessary.

Guaranteed safety and hygiene.

LitterHog Pro has a double liquid misting system. With the spray on the suction hose you can put out the cigarette butts before sucking them, avoiding combustion inside the bin. You can also sanitize the ground after sucking up dog excrements. The spray nozzle inside the bin reduces dust and deodorizes.

More clean air for you too.

The vertical filter retains PM10 fine particles and releases purified air into the atmosphere. Its vertical position allows for the use of the entire surface area, a big improvement over horizontal filters that are required to be rotated when clogged.
With LitterHog Pro you reduce maintenance inefficiencies and take advantage of long work sessions at maximum performance.

Spread your message

You can equip LitterHog Pro with a rear LED screen, to be used as a mobile advertising screen for photos and videos. A useful way to keep citizens informed about your work with zero environmental impact, but also to warn them of important communications or of
particular events happening in the city.

Details make the difference

The DRS system (Dirt Recognition System) warns you when to empty the collection bin once it reaches its maximum capacity, so you will have less waste of bags. In addition, with the Hydrojet system, you will have a pressurized water sprayer for sanitizing garden furniture, public benches or garbage cans.

In harmony with the environment.

Thanks to its fully electric operation, the LitterHog Pro is part of the Green Purchases with low environmental impact (GPP). With zero emissions and low noise level you can work in crowded historic centres and pedestrian areas without disturbing the citizens. The unit can be used to carry out work safely at any time.