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Mega I Pedestrian Scrubber Dryer

The MEGA is a walk behind scrubber dryer ideal for medium to large area cleaning. Some models are capable of cleaning over 3500 square metres per hour. Powerful and quiet motors provide the Mega with a class leading performance. Variable brush pressure means you remove even the toughest stains and ground-in dirt quickly and effortlessly.


Additional information

Cleaning Width

512R: 500mm, 552: 500mm, 722: 730mm

Drying Width

512R: 745mm, 552: 745mm, 722: 965mm

Number/Type of Brushes

Twin Roller

Solution Tank

60 Litres

Recovery Tank

68 Litres




24v 157w


Electronic Drive


Service and Parking

Maximium Speed

0 kph


140 x 57 x 111


512R: 121kg, 552: 109kg, 722: 133kg

Manual Brush Lifting

Mega1 has manual brush lifting as standard with a powered option. Brush options are twin rollers, single brush or dual brushes. All are available with the powered brush lifting option.

Generous Solution Tanks

A 60 litre solution tank and a 68 litre recovery tank mean that the Mega can work uninterrupted for long periods. Both tanks are easily accessible for filling, emptying and cleaning.

Powerful Squeegee Means Dry Floors

Squeegees, generously sized up to 200mm wider than the Mega1’s cleaning width ensure that the floor is not only clean but instantly dry. This means that pedestrian traffic does not have to be compromised while the floor is being cleaned.

Intuitive Controls

Mega1 is easy to drive with minimal training. A novel handle-bar and control panel combination puts the essential controls at the operators finger tips. Mega1; a valuable tool for cleaning professionals.


High grip polyurethane wheels, detergent dosing system, on board battery charger, brushes, pad, driving discs, ultra microfibre, squeegee rubber.

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