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Powerflex Scrubber Dryer

Scrub & Dry Roads, Pavements & Pedestrian Areas in One Pass

Scrub and dry all hard surfaces and remove unsightly stains, grease and everyday grime build-up with one pass.

Designed and built in the UK.


Deep clean and maintain all footpaths and pedestrianised areas to an β€œas-new” standard. Optional chemical injection for breaking down grease quickly and neutralize strong odours, i.e urine. Variable brush pressure to suit the surface being cleaned. Fully floating rear mounted squeegee eliminates tyre marks being left behind on a clean surface.

Industrial Cleaning Machines

A complete range of industrial cleaning machines, varying in size from small pedestrian models, up to large ride-on units.

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Groundcare Equipment

An extensive range of groundcare equipment consisting of mowers tractors and utility vehicles.

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Multi-purpose Street Sweepers

The Powerflex range of machines are multi-purpose units, based on a bespoke permanent 4-wheel drive platform.

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Clean, green, and silent with our professional range of urban battery street sweepers. Choose from a pedestrian range of sweepers and litter vacuums, hungry for your rubbish.

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Used scrubber dryers, industrial sweepers, second-hand groundcare machines and other products available, all at great prices!

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