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Ride-on Mowers & Lawn Tractors


Our ride-on and lawn tractor range is packed with innovative, robust features that maximise cutting and collecting performance.



The new standard for lawn tractors has been set with our redesigned Honda Riding Mowers. Now with advanced new engines, they’re smooth, comfortable and easy to drive. Beautifully finished, these great looking machines are built to give you a great looking lawn.

Hands on

Comfort is close to hand with the new ergonomically designed steering wheel. It also features a steering knob, so you can swiftly turn the steering wheel to negotiate and manoeuvre close to trees and bushes..

Stay charged

Does your mobile need a top up? No problem when you’re working with a Honda lawn tractor. Simply plug it in and place your device in the convenient holder and charge up as you go.

Luxury seating

Extra care and attention to detail has gone into creating and shaping our most comfortable seat yet. The material is resilient as well as soft to the touch and this new design features foldable armrests that increase comfort levels even further.

A safe pocket

Convenience is key for the new range of Honda lawn tractors. This helpful and handy little feature is positioned to keep your mobile phone safely close to hand; no more of it, unknowingly, slipping out of your pocket as you as you cut the lawn.

Flowing performance

Optiflow® is unique airflow system created by Honda providing superior collecting performance – no more clogging up the collection chute. There’s also Versamow®, a selective mulching feature. That allows you to mulch as you mow, helping you create a natural fertiliser for a healthier lawn.

Lightening the load

The lawn tractor has an electronically operated collection bag and automatically releases the grass cuttings in one go. There’s no need to move from the comfort of your seat, just push a button and empty the bag.
*Only available on HF2417HTE and 2625HTE

Built tough

The anti-corrosive paint adds a smooth finish to the durable, steel cutter-deck for longer lasting good looks.