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Snow Blower

The snow blower is for the user with great needs, where large amounts of snow need to be removed quickly and efficiently. The snow thrower is suitable for high heaps of snow, and the adjustable spout gives full control over the snow.
What you get:

  • Remote controlled snow removal
  • Suitable for high heaps of snow
  • Throws the snow up to 20 meters away
  • Ideal for snow removal on solid surfaces
  • Set direction and height on the remote


The snow blower has a replaceable blade and an adjustable skid.

Additional information







Clearing width


Intake Height


Ejection Distance


This two-step snow thrower adds extra power to the snow clearing when large amounts of snow need to be cleared.

As it throws the snow up to 20 meters away, it is a great help for places where there is no room to push the snow to the side.

On narrow walkways, snow can be thrown over hedges and fences, leaving the areas tidy and safe to move on.

The snow thrower has hydraulically 180 degrees turn off the spout and hydraulic control of the flap on the spout.

Two-step efficiency

The snow thrower works in two steps. First, it uses the roller to gnaw its way through the snow, then it throws the snow with the turbine out of the ejector spout and up to 20 meters away, depending on what it is set for. The setting (direction and height) is controlled from the remote control.

  • The snow thrower is equipped with two adjustable skits
  • Ideal for snow removal on solid surfaces