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Snow Plough

The Snow Plough dozer blade is an effective snow clearing tool that can remove even large quantities of snow.

  • Powerfull machine with great capacity
  • Adjustable into 3 different angles
  • Safety tilt and rubber edge
  • Clears great amounts of snow


The tool is hydraulically adjustable which makes it possible for the driver to control, where the snow should be pushed.

Additional information







Working width, straight setting


Height adjustment


The dozer blade has a working breadth of 1,350 mm and is supplied with a safety tilt and rubber edge.

The rubber edge means that the snow is effectively removed from pavements, paths and roads while the surface and tool are protected.

​Rapid changeover by using the tool carrier’s lifting arms and locking lever. Hydraulic hoses are fitted and the tool is raised from the ground.

The tool can be used together with the salt and sand spreader, so an even layer of salt or sand is distributed on the surface after snow clearing.

​Easy operation with the joystick in the cabin.​

  • The dozer blade can be adjusted into 3 different angles
  • ​Safety tilt is standard
  • ​The ideal tool for snow clearing and removal of other loose material