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road sweepers in use

Road Sweepers and Street Washers

We offer road sweepers and street cleaners that will tackle the largest cleaning tasks no matter what the weather. Our modern road sweepers are sophisticated machines that come in various sizes because as our urban environment has changed the machines that keep it clean have changed too

Road Cleaning

Road sweeping is only part of the workload for the modern road cleaning machine. Now, road washing, pavement sweeping and shopping centre litter collection are part of their repertoire. In fact, many of our purpose-built machines spend more time cleaning pedestrian areas than sweeping roads.

Machine Choice

Our road sweepers come in three sizes, machines that are all equally at home on the road or in pedestrian areas of a modern retail park. We also offer two road washer attachments that were developed in conjunction with road sweeping contractors for use in retail shopping areas.

Environmentally Kind

Our sub-compact road sweepers were designed as such from the ground-up. They use modern technology and materials to reduce their environmental impact. Aluminium is used in place of steel and composites in place of aluminium. Highly effective filtering systems reduce noise and pollution, modern motors are energy efficient and equipped with the latest emission controls. As far as you can get from an old lorry based hybrid.

Multi-purpose Machines

Our road sweepers have a variety of attachments which means they can do much more than just sweep. When its snowing you can't sweep roads and pavements but a snow plough or a mechanical gritter would be ideal. Our range of attachments includes snow ploughs, snow brushes and gritters which means that you can tailor your machine to fit your requirement. And, utilise it throughout the year not just when the weather suits.

Covering the Whole Road Cleaning Spectrum

Whatever your application we have a machine that will get the job done. All our machines have the option of twin, three or four sweeping brushes, which means sweeping widths of 2500mm are available. Strong vacuum systems will suck-up all types of litter and rubbish including fast food packaging and drinks containers. One of our machines will even remove fat staining and the gum stains frequently found outside fast food outlets.

Long Shifts

A euromec road sweeper has a large hopper which minimises trips and time to empty. With the hopper always behind the driver the view out of the panoramic windscreen will enable confident and safe manoeuvring in even the tightest shopping centre. Modern, quiet and comfortable cabs mean that drivers love our road sweepers. Long shifts pass quickly and efficiently, roads, pavements and public areas are left litter free, clean and pleasant for pedestrians.

Considering a Road Sweeper?

If you are considering a road sweeper then contact us and arrange to see a machine working at your premises or at one of our clients. You will not be disappointed. Contact us now on 01858 434011 or via our quick enquiry form.

road sweepers lined up
A line of model 2250 road sweepers clearly showing a three brush sweeping head.
road sweeper fitted with a snow brush working in the London Borough of Bromley
A 3400 road sweeper fitted with a snow brush and gritter working in the London Borough of Bromley during the 2018 snow.
2150 road sweeper sweepeing a very narrow pathway
The 2150 road sweeper is super compact so it can clean places other sweepers cannot get to.
road sweeper fitted with a four brushes sweeping an alley
A 3400 road sweeper fitted with four brushes sweeping an alley. Note the sweeping width of over 2 metres.
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