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Road Sweeper by Powerflex in use
Powerflex RS At A Glance:

Cleaning Width:



Kubota 3 cyl Turbo Diesel


770 litres with hydraulic emptying


Hydrostatic to all four wheels



Powerflex RW Datasheet:

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Detailed Specification:

Powerflex RS

Road Sweeper

The Powerflex RS is a road sweeper and urban area sweeper that is modern, efficient and environmentally friendly. It collects dirt, debris and litter without fuss leaving surfaces spotlessly clean and dust free. Even difficult to pick-up fast food containers and drinks cans are collected.

Powerful Sweeping

The Powerflex Road Sweeper is available with up to four brushes - two as standard and two side brushes as optional extras. These provide a sweeping width of up to 2.1m. Each brush features a water sprayer to prevent dust spreading while the machine is in use. A vacuum nozzle behind the brushes draws dirt and rubbish into the central vacuum hose, which deposits it into a hopper.

Flexible Sweeping

The two front brushes are height adjustable. The hydraulic side brushes, which are easily fitted and removed, can be staggered in relation to the front brushes. This means the operator can sweep two different heights at the same time (e.g. curbs).

Extendable Cleaning

A five metre external vacuum hose detaches from the unit to allow the operator to clean inaccessible areas (e.g. steps). When not in use, it fits discreetly to the top of the machine.

Easy to Use

This road sweeper is easy to use, clean and maintain. Incredibly versatile, it is the ideal road sweeping solution that is equally suitable for urban and pavement cleaning.

Powerflex Compact Road Sweeper in use
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