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Road Washer-Dryer in use

Powerflex WD At A Glance:

Cleaning Width:



Kubota 3 cyl Turbo Diesel


750 litres with hydraulic emptying

Cleaning performance:

8,000 sq.m./hour


Detailed Specification:

Powerflex WD

Road Washer-Dryer

Road scrubber dryers are unique machines that wash and dry pavements and roads. Using adapted industrial scrubber dryer technology these machines achieve a new level of cleaning and greatly reduce the cleaning's environmental impact.

Road Washer Dryer

They apply a cleaning solution to the road or pavement surface and rotating brushes scrub the surface clean. Then - and this is the unique part - they collect the waste water together with all the dirt that has been removed. This means that the roadway drains are not filled with grotty, waste water and its unsavory contents.

Road Cleaning Performance

A Powerflex fitted with our unique scrubbing and washing attachment achieves a cleaning performance that is unrivaled. This machine doesn't wash but scrubs pavements and roadways leaving them clean and free of stains.

Water Collection

Waste water from road cleaning is a foul by-product. In the past it was allowed to run down the drains. Our road scrubber collects this waste water using a full width squeegee meaning that it doesn't end up in the public drainage system. As councils become more aware of the hazards caused by street washing this feature is increasingly important.


As with all Powerflex machines the scrubber dryer attachment can be changed in around a minute to turn the machine into a sweeper or mower to complete other maintenance tasks.

If you are looking for industrial scrubber dryers then follow this link.

 Powerflex Road Washer-Drier in use
Powerflex road scrubber drier in use.
opening screen from video
Video: Watch the Powerflex road washer drier in use and see how effectively it cleans dirty and stained pavement.
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