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 Tera ride-on floor scrubber in use

Tera At A Glance:

Cleaning Width:

1100 to 1300mm

Solution Tank:

280 litres

Cleaning Head:

Two or three discs or twin rollers




Detailed Specification:


Tera Ride-on Floor Scrubber

Ride-on scrubber dryers are the workhorses of the cleaning industry. Big, powerful and efficient they will clean vast areas quickly. Euromec’s latest electric ride-on floor scrubber; Tera, has market leading performance and economy.

Cleaning and Drying anywhere

A three-wheel machine with electric drive to the front, rear or all three wheels, Tera is fast and safe. Ideal for slippery slopes such as those found in multi-storey car parks. Cleaning widths between 1100 and 1300mm coupled with a high visibility driving position and controls means Tera can clean over 10,000 square metres an hour.

Large Tanks and Battery

Tera is for large areas. A 280 litre water tank and 525 amp hour batteries give it a great range. Variable brush pressure means that cleaning performance is easily maintained for long periods over various surfaces. With the driver being able to check the clean water tank level on the move you can understand why this machine is so efficient.

Waste Water Collection

Important to any floor scrubber’s cleaning performance is dirty water collection. Tera has a full width rear squeegee hooked up to powerful vacuum motors. Protected against dirt by a high performance polyester filter the vacuum motors are maintenance free. As the machines moves the squeegee swings and leaves the floor not only clean but also dry.

Reduce Environmental Impact

Water recycling and Tera’s water saving features lessen environmental impact. Engine noise, water use, and energy consumption can all be varied to give you the ideal working mode for your site.

Operators Will Love It

Operators will love the driving experience. An adjustable seat and steering wheel plus uninterrupted visibility give drivers confidence and enable them to work efficiently for long periods without fatigue. Hydraulic brakes and high traction wheels keep them safe.

Pre-Sweep Option

A pre-sweep function and a selection of brush heads make Tera perfect for large or demanding cleaning.

 Tera ride-on floor scrubber in use
Despite its cleaning capacity Tera is compact and tough. It will work long and hard for many years.

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