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Industrial Floor Sweepers

Industrial floor sweepers are specialist machines used to clean large, hard-surface areas. They are ideal for keeping large areas clear of dust, debris and litter and come in two categories; walk-behind and ride-on. As is obvious the size of the area you need to clean dictates which you use. You will see we have a comprehensive range of powered floor sweepers that take the hassle out of floor cleaning.

Walk-Behind Floor Sweepers

With three models to choose from, we have a floor sweeper for every application. Walk behind sweepers like Brava are ideal for cleaning work areas, shops, workshops and confined spaces. They can be petrol or electric powered and side brushes can be added to increase their cleaning width. Whichever model you choose you will get a powerful, well made machine that will give you years of reliable use.

Ride-on Floor Sweepers

Ride-on sweepers are better for cleaning large areas, inside or out. Choose from our wide range depending on the size of the area you have and how quickly you want to clean it. Our Atom ride-on floor sweeper is small and easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces. The Boxer is a high performance, rugged, ride-on sweeper that will make short work of cleaning large areas such as car parks and industrial estates. Ride on floor sweepers are used widely in the extraction, aggregate and warehousing industries.

How An Industrial Sweeper Works

Industrial sweepers work by combining a mechanical sweeping action with a powerful vacuum. A Euromec floor sweeper's motor rotates its main brush against the direction of travel, throwing the dust and debris into the rear hopper. Air sucked over the brush, through the hopper, filters and out into the atmosphere makes sure the debris ends up in the hopper. A major part of any sweeper is its vacuum system as this filters dust particles out of the exhausted air.

A unique feature of all our industrial sweepers is their up-and-over collection system. This places the hopper at the back of the machine and fills it from the top: Not only more efficient in using the hopper's capacity but also producing a far better cleaning performance. As previously mentioned side brushes increase a floor sweeper's cleaning width. This cut-away drawing shows how a ride-on sweeper has it parts arranged.

Choosing the Right Sweeper

Sweepers must be tough and reliable so look for rugged steel chassis and robust running gear. Hoppers should be large and easy to empty, ideally they will be placed behind the main brush or at the rear of the machine so they don't obstruct the driver's view of the work area. Walk behind sweepers should be light and easy to use, and powerful enough to to work for a full shift if required. Sweepers being used in warehouses are made even more effective by the addition of a separate vacuum cleaner for cleaning within the storage system. Large ride-on sweepers will need hydraulic hopper emptying and look for vacuum systems on the side-brushes to eliminate the dust caused by sweeping process. Larger sweepers should be equipped with electric filter shakers to keep the vacuum system working at its optimum.

Wide Choice

From large ride-on floor sweepers, cleaning up to 6000 square metres per hour, to low cost walk-behind floor sweepers, the choice is yours. Contact us now on 01858 434011 or via our quick enquiry form on the right.

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