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 Duemila ride-on floor sweeper in use

Duemila At A Glance:

Cleaning Width:



Electric, Petrol or Diesel Motors

Hopper Capacity:

470 litres hydraulic emptying


Powered drive

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Mille sweeper in use

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Combo sweeper in use

Detailed Specification:

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Duemila Ride-on Floor Sweeper

Designed to work in demanding applications, the Duemila is highly efficient and ideal for large outdoor areas such as car parks, marshalling yards and distribution centres.

Large Scale Sweeping

The Duemila industrial sweeper has a cleaning capacity of over 20,000 square metres per hour. It has a 1200mm wide main brush, which together with twin side brushes, gives the machine a 1900mm sweeping width. Duemila is capable of sweeping at a speed of over 10 kph.

Dust Free Sweeping

Large Hopper

The Duemila's large, 400-litre hopper means that the sweeper can work for long periods between empties. The high dump discharging system lifts the hopper to a height of 1580mm enabling the operator to transfer its contents directly into a skip.

Easy to Use

Ease of use and reliability were key influences in the Duemila's design. The driving position is comfortable and the car-like controls fall easily to hand. All the controls are logically laid out and ergonomically arranged to enable extended operation. The front mounted driving position offers excellent visibility for safe operation in crowded or busy areas.

 Duemila ride-on floor sweeper in use
Here a Duemila sweeper empties its hopper into a standard industrial bin. Due to the size and weight of the hopper it is done hydaulically.
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