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 Otto ride-on floor sweeper in use

Otto At A Glance:

Cleaning Width:



Electric Diesel or Petrol Motors

Hopper Capacity:

130 litres hydraulic emptying


Powered drive

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R850 sweeper in use

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Nove sweeper in use

Detailed Specification:




Otto Ride-on Floor Sweeper

The Otto industrial ride-on sweeper is a high performance, high-dump machine capable of cleaning over 7000 square metres per hour. Featuring a front mounted driver position and ergonomically arranged controls, the Otto is easy to manoeuvre and can work in confined spaces.

Factory Cleaning

Ideal for sweeping factories and warehouses, the Otto can be either electric, petrol or diesel powered. All three variants are quiet, clean and efficient machines that can be specified with either single or dual side brushes to maximise cleaning efficiency.

Dust Free Sweeping

The central main brush uses an up-and-over sweeping system to throw dust and debris into a 130 litre capacity rear mounted hopper. Heavy-duty filters remove dust from the exhausted air ensuring that the Otto produces a totally dust free sweep. An additional vacuum system on the hopper collects dust produced during hopper emptying, helping maintain a totally dust free environment.

Cleaning Width

The Otto has a 1030mm wide main brush, with the addition of side brushes its sweeping width can be increased to 1400mm. The side brushes are designed to retract if they meet an obstruction so the Otto can work in narrow spaces if required.

Easy to Use

The operator is placed at the front of the Otto and has a commanding view of the work area. Being compact as well means that this sweeper can be manoeuvered easily in tight spaces. With minimal training this sweeper will work safely and accurately in any workplace.

Tough and Reliable

Otto has a steel reinforced chassis that withstands the knocks of regular usage. Large opening bodywork panels enable easy access to all major components reducing maintenance time and costs.

Choosing a Sweeper

If you are looking for a fast reliable ride-on sweeper then Otto is a great choice. If you need help with making your decision why not contact us and we will bring a machine to your workplace and you can see it working. Use the form on the right or call us on 01858 434011.

 Otto ride-on floor sweeper in use
This Otto ride-on sweeper has the optional vacuum cleaner for cleaning areas the sweeper can't get to.
Diagram showing how the main components of a ride-on sweeper are arranged
This diagram shows how the main components of the Otto ride-on sweeper are arranged. 1. Side brush 2. Airflow 3. Main-brush 4. Hopper 5. Filters 6. Main fan 7. Filter shaker 8. Optional front curtain
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