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 R850 ride-on floor sweeper in use

R850 At A Glance:

Cleaning Width:



Electric or Honda Petrol Motors

Hopper Capacity:

120 litres manual emptying


Powered drive

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Otto sweeper in use

Detailed Specification:

R850 >>>>



R850 Ride-on Floor Sweeper

The R850 is a compact industrial sweeper with a large performance. A cleaning width of up to 1390mm makes the R850 the largest, manually-emptying sweeper on the market. It has the capability of cleaning over 8000 square metres per hour when fitted with two optional side brushes. The R850 is ideal for commercial and industrial environments.

Industrial Sweeper

Tough and reliable, the R850 is built on a steel chassis with retractable side brushes that mean it easily capable of withstanding the inevitable knocks and bumps that occur in the industrial and commercial markets. Both petrol and electric versions are available.

Up and Over Sweeping

As with all our industrial sweepers the R850 has an up-and-over sweeping system. Sweepers using an Up-and-Over sweeping systems are more efficient because they throw the dirt over the main brush and into the hopper from the top. This makes better use of the hopper volume and allows it to be filled to the top. Forward throw machines cannot do this. This means that the waste hopper is at the back of the machine and the operator at the very front. Great for visibility, this also allows us to fit a 120 litre hopper meaning trips to empty are few and far between.

Side Brushes

Optional twin side brushesSide brushes extend the sweeping width of an industrial sweeper beyond its main brush width, they are controlled by the operator and automatically retract when they meet a solid object. are electrically powered and feature our unique vacuum systemOur Sweepers with side brushes have a vacuum system that controls, if not eliminates dust generated by the sweeping process. No other manufacturer offers this feature. which makes the R850 dust free when its working. A large diameter main brush and both side brushes sweep dust and debris into a powerful vacuum system that features over 6 square metres of filtering surfaceA bank of circular filter elements provide a free flowing dust extraction system, enabling dust to be removed from the air before it is expelled from the machine back into the atmosphere. The larger the filter area the more efficient the dust extraction.. Electric filter shakersThe air filters that remove dust particles get clogged over time with the fine dust they collect. Electric filter shakers do exactly what they say, they vigorously shake the filter element causing the dust to fall from the filter element into the hopper thereby restoring its performance. keep them operating efficiently without operator intervention.

Sweeping Performance

Powerful motors, a class leading sweeping width and a large hopper mean that the R850 is the most efficient industrial sweeper in its class. However the operator has to be comfortable and confident to exploit that performance, so the R850 features a comfortable, adjustable seat, simple and intuitive controls that fall easily to hand and unobstructed visibility of the work area from the commanding driving position.

What now?

Call us, request more information or a demonstration using the form to the right. You can download the brochure or datasheet using the links above, and the gallery has pictures of the R850 industrial sweeper in action.

 R850 ride-on floor sweeper in use
The R850 is wonderfully manouverable with front wheel drive and the operator at the very front of the sweeper.
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