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Kubota RTV Utility Vehicles

This renown range of utility vehicles covers both the leisure and the professional markets. The small light and manoeuvrable RTV500 is brilliant for getting around your property or farm, caring for livestock or shooting. The larger and more powerful RTVX1100 and RTVX1140 models have the ability to work long hours in any environment. Substantial payload capacity enables you to transport goods and people long distances over uneven terrain.

The Kubota RTV range has three models. They all feature powerful Kubota motors, mated to rugged and reliable two and four wheel drive transmissions.

Model RTV500 RTVX1110 RTVX1140
Motor Power (PS): 15 24 24
Motor No. of Cylinders: 2 3 3
Motor Size cc: 456 1123 1123
4WD Transmission: VHT + VHT X VHT X
Maximum Speed (mph): 25 25 25
Payload Capacity (kg): 430 585 739

Easy to Drive and Own

The Kubota RTV is the best-selling diesel-utility vehicle in Europe. This is because it is easy to drive, with controls that fall perfectly to hand and safe. Fool-proof safety features such as lap belts and roll-over protection help eliminate accidents. Low running costs add to the owner experience.

Great Adaptability and Convenience

All RTVs have great cargo carrying ability, adaptability and operator convenience. Optional extras are readily interchangeable across the range, reducing ownership costs.

High Specifications

Any Kubota RTV will carry cargo around the farm, transport people and equipment around an estate or get you to the barn to do chores. These machines are high specification, off-road workhorses at great prices. Kubota reliability is the icing on the RTV cake. The big problem is which one do you choose!

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Kubota RTV X900 utility vehicle in studio
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