Anti-polluting electric LitterHogs offer environmentally-friendly solution to UK street cleaning


Euromec, a leading UK supplier of industrial cleaning and ground maintenance equipment, has expanded its product range in response to requests for environmentally friendly street cleaning solutions.

Keen to lower carbon footprints and reduce pollution levels, local authorities and other large organisations are increasingly looking for more environmentally friendly options for their sanitisation tasks but without the need to compromise on cleaning ability.

The LitterHog range of electric sweepers and litter vacs has been specially designed to meet this purpose. The battery-powered range extends from the compact, self-propelled street vacuum model through to the large, 24-volt ride-on sweeper, the LitterHog Sweep.

The LitterHog Sweep is designed to tackle larger tasks within urban environments such as city and town centres, pedestrianised areas and parks. The versatile machine is easy to control and there is the option to use the ride-on chariot for greater comfort during longer cleaning tasks. Depending on usage, the sweep has the capacity to operate for up to 13 hours on a single charge. The on-board battery charger is also compatible with a household electrical socket.

Thanks to its clever design, the machineโ€™s mechanical cleaning action ensures waste is collected inside the large 135-lire hopper, while the powerful filtering system absorbs and retains tiny PM10 particulate matter air pollution, emitting clean air into the atmosphere in return. PM10 particles, which can be generated by transport or power station emissions as well as naturally occurring through mould spores and other substances, are less than 10 microns in size โ€“ a micron is one 1000th of a millimetre.

Due to its electric motor, the Sweep does not emit any harmful emissions of its own, while its quiet operation means it is ideally suited to urban areas, reducing any noise disturbance to homes and offices. On a practical level, the Sweep can be fitted with on-board ramps as an optional extra. This enables easy access to high kerbs or other difficult-to-reach areas

The same functionality is to be found on the other machines in the LitterHog range. The electric street vacuum, the LitterHog Pro has been purpose-designed for use in urban centres, as well as open spaces such as parks. Its powerful suction capability will enable operators to remove any type of waste from cigarette butts and water bottles, through to dog excrement and much more.

The Litterhog Pro is also equipped with a double liquid misting system. This means the spray on the suction hose can be used to extinguish cigarette butts before sucking them up, eliminating any risk of combustion inside the 240-litre capacity hopper. This feature can also be used to sanitise the ground after clearing away dog excrement. The spray nozzle inside the hopper also reduces dust and bad odours.

The enhanced Litterhog Pro + is equipped with a mechanical arm to support the weight of the suction tube and keep it extended in a straight line to help with the suction of larger items of waste. In addition, the innovative AIR BLAST function continually purges the filter to avoid clogging

Completing the range is the compact LitterHog battery-operated outdoor vacuum. The self-propelled machine is designed to operate in difficult to access spaces within town and city centres, and makes swift work of rubbish such as cans, bottles, leaves and more

Peter Crewe, chairman, Euromec said: โ€œWe are delighted to be able to add these powerful and versatile machines to the Euromec range. They meet the stringent demands from councils for a practical cleaning solution that is both efficient and environmentally friendly.

โ€œWhile the ability to effectively clear waste from town and city centre environments is an essential requirement, the ability of the machines to capture pollution particles is of critical importance. With large authorities such as those in London and Birmingham introducing new measures to control vehicle emissions, the ability of the LitterHogs to capture and contain PM10 particulates is especially important, and a great benefit to the wellbeing of people within such urban areas.โ€

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